Baltinglass & District Forum

Baltinglass & District Forum's mission is to promote the welfare of the community of Baltinglass and District. It strives for the broadest possible inclusion of all members of the community on a non-party political and equal basis.

At a public meeting held on 23 August 2007 agreement was reached to establish the Baltinglass & District Forum [BDF], comprising 26 voluntary and community groups from the district. The decision was reached as a result of the groups consulting with their members and receiving agreement to participate. Each voluntary and community group subsequently nominated either one or two members to represent Baltinglass & District. It is acknowledged this formation process is not unflawed, and that BDF needs to strive for the broadest representation of all members of the community. As such BDF intends to move towards a publicly elected Forum voted for through an electoral ward system. Until broadly elected, recognised voluntary and community groups not currently involved in the Forum may nominate one or two members to be accepted to Forum membership to represent Baltinglass & District.

Detailed information on BDF, including the minutes of all its meetings, may be found on the Baltinglass & District Forum website.

Aims & Objectives

  • Actively involve as many people as possible in the promotion of the social, educational, cultural, economic, and environmental welfare of the Baltinglass & District community.
  • Aim to represent every member of the community, and the community as a whole, in dealings with local government, statutory bodies, and other agencies.
  • Encourage all residents of Baltinglass & District to generate community spirit and participation.
  • Act as an umbrella group in the district, to further common interests by providing information, guidance and assistance in reacting to community opportunities, and resolving issues.
  • Liaise with, and participate in the community development projects initiated by community groups, Wicklow County Council and other agencies.
  • Baltinglass & District Forum is currently comprised of nominated representatives of the various community groups in the district and aims to move towards broad elected representation.
  • To acquire and hold by rental, lease, purchase, donation or otherwise, such property and effects as shall be necessary or expedient to attain these ends.


Club Contact Details:

Location: Baltinglass Community Centre
Contact: Mai Quaid 059-6482364