No Name Club, Baltinglass

No Name Club is a National Voluntary Youth Organisation founded in 1978 with clubs throughout the country.

No Name Clubs are run by and for young people aged 15 years + who come together in a safe and lively environment where there’s fun, friendship and enjoyment without the pressure of alcohol or other drugs

No Name Clubs were founded to provide an alternative to pub culture for young people in Ireland. They demonstrate a lifestyle in which the use of alcohol or drugs is seen as unnecessary to the enjoyment of a happy, cheerful and fulfilling social life for young people.

Over the last 30 years thousands of young people have valued their involvement in a programme of activities that allows them to enjoy themselves socially with their peers in a safe and friendly environment, free from the dangers and influences of alcohol and drugs.

At present there are over 15,000 young people in No Name Clubs throughout the country.

No Name Club is currently funded through: The Office of The Minister for Children & Youth Affairs and Population Health – Health Promotion, HSE

Meetings are held in Inis Fail on Friday evenings at 8pm.

Club Contact Details:

Location: Inis Fail, Baltinglass
Contact: Bernard Cloney 086-8576885
National Website: