Pat Lee

Electrical Pumps & Engineering

Lathaleere Industrial Estate, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow

Phone: 059 6481370

Fax: 059 6481988





We are a manufacturer of stainless steel hot water cylinders and steel buffer tanks. We manufacture an extensive range of sizes and configurations particularly to suit the renewable energy market.

We also manufacture a range of Logburners from 46kw to 120kw. Our burners allow you to use waste organic material to heat your premises and offices and so at one stroke remove a waste disposal problem and reduce your fuel bills. The Logburner can operate on a range of fuels i.e. logs, pallets, cardboard, straw or miscanthus.

Our electrical arm of the business offers extensive experience and expertises in electrical control systems in commercial and agribusiness’s which is supported by our engineering facility. We also supply a wide range of pumps and electrical accessories.

Additional information on our products and services may be found on our website or you can contact us by phone or email